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Product function: One key to complete all transactions。Users only need to login MT4-PC client can quickly grasp the latest developments in the global foreign exchange trading and market advantages can be fully automatic documentary. To achieve personal investment management information.
Production characteristics: is committed to build a first-class global foreign exchange investors trading index and zero second differential market information advantage. in the face of market is changing, Jian Heng team adhere to & quot; grasp the trends, risk control & quot; investment service concept, the signal source with EA and through (encryption server) will be accurate indicators and market advantage information integrated into networking.
Product advantage: From the perspective of professional development, and constantly improve the key foreign exchange investment solutions, tried to investors pilotage guide and escort.
Product introduction: Kin Heng team " proactive " established a series of strategic development plan, to professional development perspective, and constantly improve the < span style = "color:#f00" > automatic key - exchange information , trying to investor Pilot guides, escort.

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