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Product function: Automatic optimum number of hands. Follow small stop big check win principle, multi currency automatic screening and injected signal source and historical form, automatic analysis of historical market success rate highest graphic and K-line form layout, EA is the biggest breakthrough is successfully encrypted AI calculation function.
Production characteristics: 24 hour hand positions, a single flat end immediately opened another single (not the same currency) automatic currency recognition, in multiple currencies, to find entry advantage to do single, every time a single. Not opening don't carry single.
Product advantage: Hengjian EA combined with kin Heng AI and MT4 version of the system closely, using MT4 version of the strong core, point to point communication safety, high speed, high efficiency merchandiser.
Product introduction: Kin Heng team " proactive " established a series of strategic development plan, to professional development perspective, and constantly improve the automatic key information on foreign exchange scheme, tried to for investors to the Pilot guides and escorts.

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