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Product function: Automatic stability of EA profit advantage valuable point is in line with the < span style = "color:#f00" > "every altitude, every bottom" Department of the sea only profit criterion, each warehouse that can protect has received good profits, horses belonging to foreign exchange transactions very violent type of EA.
Production characteristics: Can hide the full stop, perfect escape plot of the platform providers roll, so-called hidden surplus stop refers to let each warehouse list does not display only the profit price with the stop price, but when the K line to reach a set price EA will automatic stop profit stop.
Product advantage: There are many experienced traders know, a perfect EA, the greatest misfortune, is not from the EA itself, but by the interference of EA where the volume of business trading platform, once the EA is interference or plot, EA will not in the setting of open, positions, only the profit, stop loss.
General business platform is the only profit and stop bits to observe each transaction is not trading EA, once observing your Account is with EA trading, profit is very large, they tend to to your Account were (special care) One one turn your Account into manual control! Some platforms or even deliberately increase spreads to sweep your stop, so hidden EA only the profit stops becomes let EA of the benign operation of the key.
Product introduction: Kin Heng team & quot; proactive & quot; established a series of strategic development plan, to professional development perspective, and constantly improve the automatic key information on foreign exchange scheme, < span style = "color:#f00" > tried to for investors to the Pilot guides and escorts.

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