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Product function: Want to learn foreign exchange? How to start and what to learn? Foreign exchange investors want to know how to use the auxiliary benefit of EA, but to enter the foreign investment in the first class, must first manually orders! Many foreign exchange investment entry of a friend is, they're going to on the Internet to find some basic articles and resources to learn, but to find to, or is very fragmented, or is very abstruse incoherent. Finally the novice looking, well to have a smattering of knowledge, be directly put off the page, unable to truly learn financial knowledge and technology. Color:#F00 through "Einstein", < span style = > let learning foreign investors into the real market experience, accumulated experience and technology.
Production characteristics: We are committed to the foreign exchange investors from all over the world to create first-class learning programs properly and correct use of EA tools in the face of market changing, < span style = "color:#F00 > Kin Heng team adhere to" grasp the trends, control risk investment service concept, without the use of complicated technical indicators (mostly information lag) don't have all become real financial experts to make a profit in the foreign exchange market, the use of simple and effective schema aided software, let the novice foreign exchange investors quickly effective technological learning and the accumulation of market experience and understanding of risk, complex proper nouns. Let foreign exchange investors can be active and practical operation!
Product advantage: Simple things to do, you are an expert; repeat the things you do, you are the winner Through a manual auxiliary rib software to learn. < span style = "color:#F00" > provide novice foreign exchange investors practical market experience, not in the vast Department of the sea around aimlessly. Novice foreign exchange investors can understand and learn by Einstein:
1 to establish a trading principle, comply with the implementation of
2 learn to reduce the negative emotions caused by past trading experience.
3 self discipline, the development of confidence in the success of the transaction.
4 to succeed in trading, you must take responsibility for your actions and decisions.
5 understand your risk tolerance
Product introduction: Put forward "theory of relativity" Einstein ", in either buy or sell the relative market to foreign investors in the midst of the chaos found a simple control, and then execute the" < span style = "color:#F00" the most powerful force in the universe > is compound interest. "argument. Kin Heng team continue to improve all-round exchange of information and correct learning programs, strive to provide investors a pilot guides and escort.

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