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Product function: 1 advantage of the opportunity to trade technology 2 high frequency trading technology 3 quantitative trading technology Effective short-term trading is a real low risk. - each transaction only use 1% to 5% of the funds in the Account and profit to a few dollars as the goal, intelligent system, quick transaction 30-100 sheets, Kuaijinkuaichu played a profit. - if not the core technology, only to long-term transactions in order to reduce the risk and the rolling thunder core technology is the industry initiative.
Production characteristics: - "with price and fast, small profits into a single whole appearance" bureau of trading strategy
- wind control: to minimize the initial number of entries, to board the concept of play, fast, effective risk control
Use speed advantage, collocation advantage AI computing, accurate and fast transactions.
Product advantage: Milliseconds into the single: the pursuit of High Frequency Quantization intelligent transactions, not affected by the fundamentals.
1 to board the concept of cumulative profit: starting with the minimum number of hand entry, Kuaijinkuaichu, accumulation of small profits, Many a little make a mickle.
2 wind control: using Qingcang control, quantitative calculation, the second difference trade advantage to achieve low Fukui, good risk management
3. High frequency trading cumulative profit: when the market smoothly, rapid accumulation of profit, market volatility, timely quantitative order, high frequency mode fast trading, accumulated bit by bit to return.
Product introduction: EA's biggest breakthrough is the successful combination of AI computing features.
1 built in AI smart system tightly combined with MT4 powerful core, point to point communications high-speed and efficient security transactions.
2. Automatic hand optimized number, follow small stop big check win principle, multi currency automatic screening and injected signal source and historical form, automatic analysis of history of the market in the success rate of the highest graphics, and in accordance with the K-line form layout.
3 high frequency trading profit accumulation: quantitative management of funds, the use of high-frequency trading fast accumulating slight profit, Many a little make a mickle.

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