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Product function: This strategy uses the market price of cross currency pair to realize the arbitrage. Take EUR, USD and GBP as examples:
1 AI is concerned with three foreign currency pairs: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and GBP/EUR.
The formation of the 2 purchase price calculation of GBP/EUR (bid) and price (ask):
GBP/EUR (synthetic, bid) = GBP/USD (market, bid) * USD/EUR (market, bid)
GBP/EUR (synthetic, ask) = GBP/USD (market, ask) * USD/EUR (market, ask)
3. If this GBP/EUR formed bid (bid) large on the market selling price (ask) AI take market to buy GBP/EUR and sell the formation of combination strategies.
Here, AI only short positions to GBP/EUR formation and the market price of the same position. Due to the spread (spread) spending has been there,
We should form the difference between price and market price to be large enough so that we can cover the GBP/USD and spread USD/EUR, while three groups of exchange rate need to be collected at the same time.
Production characteristics: The industry's only first full automatic single profit and stop loss trading system. Fast and accurate AI operation, accurate grasp the trend, for you to find the best entry point homeopathy into a single, can be directly stop loss, and stop profit or tracking stop gain and tracking the stop loss, forming a profit of the moving castle. A trend of a net profit band scored no longer lose an opportunity, when short-term consolidation circuitous floating profit when I don't stay, zhaodanquanshou.
Product advantage: The latest automatic similar hand EA, about 80% AI kernel detection system, winning advantage into play. Collocation leaflet stops and custom trace stop profit and track the stop loss model, and self similar in military exercises, contrarian stop protection, single approach effectively reduce floating deficit increased profitability and risk control and adapt to much money to and various trading commodities.
Product introduction: If you are accustomed to manual operation, but also will determine the trend, you may be full of love for the strategy. As long as the familiar trend or characteristics of the commodity trading, in into the program and the set parameter, set a good stop loss, and stop profit or stop gain and tracking stop loss position tracking, and you want the profit can be waiting for, direct, leaflet approach, a life and death battle, enjoy a profit of the moving castle gives you confidence and fun.

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