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C++Development Engineer
Working place:Taipei
Recruitment number:30

Job duties:
1, related to the development of WPS in the
Office client; 2, in the Windows or Linux platform, code preparation;


1, proficient in C++, understanding of object-oriented thinking, skilled in the use of the standard library;
2, familiar with common data structure and algorithm.


AndroidDevelopment Engineer
Working place:Hainan Sanya
Recruitment number:20

Job duties:
According to the development plan, the office software system and the module coding of the tablet PC are finished independently.


1, bachelor's degree or above, relevant work experience is preferred;
2, proficient in JAVA, C++ or
C# language; 3, with good team collaboration ability, can take a certain job, have the ability to study independently.

C++Development Engineer
Working place:Singapore
Recruitment number:10

Job duties:
Research and development of office software related products based on iOS platform


1, proficient in C/C++/Object-C, understand the object-oriented idea, has good debugging technology;
2, familiar with data structure and algorithm;
3, familiar with the operating system theory, familiar with the Windows/Linux/iOS platform can be
; 4, with good communication and collaboration skills, like teamwork, skilled read English technical document.

Software Test Engineer
Working place:Malaysia,Japan
Recruitment number:20

Job duties:
1, to develop WPS product test plan and test plan;
2, design the product testing plan and execution;


1, full of passion, the pursuit of extreme value;
2, willing to self enhancement, and promote and enhance the technical ability of the team;


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